Route 251 Drammen-Hyggen-Åsheim-Sætre (operated by Ruter)

City centre bus stop: Bragernes torg, platform D.

There are no changes to Ruter’s route 251 except that it now terminates at Bragernes torg. It will no longer cross the river and continue to the bus station.

Use the following alternatives if you are travelling on route 251 and would like to change to a bus that departs from Drammen bus station/Strømsø torg:

  • Get off at Bragernes torg and walk over the bridge to Strømsø torg/Drammen bus station (quickest and easiest).
  • Take the shuttle bus, route 2, from platform C at Bragernes torg to the bus station. Please note that route 2 only runs outside rush hour, and not on Sundays. Check the timetable here.
  • Get off at Bragernes torg, take route 51 to Fylkeshuset and change to route 3 or route 5, which run to Strømsø torg.

Allow sufficient journey time if you have to cross the river to change bus.