School buses

If you take a bus to school, please note the following:

Route 35 Skoger-Drammen

No change

Route 37 Skoger-Lier

Route 37 drives across Øvre Sund bridge and serves both Drammen bus station and Bragernes as usual. However, since this will take longer the bus schedule has been changed so the buses will leave earlier from the bus station than normal. Check the timetable to make sure you catch the bus you need.

Route 56 Mjøndalen-Drammen

There will be changes to two morning departures, which will now run from Hovjordet instead of Stenseth to Bragernes torg. These departures will leave from Hovjordet at 06:58 and 07:28. The departure at 07:38 from Stenseth to Drammen bus station via Gulskogen will continue to operate as it does today.

Route 72 Lierskogen-Drammen

Stops at Bragernes torg, not the bus station.

Route 79 Lahell-Stoppen

Note that route 79 from Drammen bus station (platform A) to St. Hallvard/Lier vgs now departs at 7:35 in the morning instead of 7:40. The bus will drive via Øvre Sund bridge, and also stops at Bragernes torg (platform B).

Route 139 Åmot-Drammen

Runs to/from Bragernes torg, not the bus station.